Leak Detection & Repair

Unknown leaks are common across water utilities.  Our approach is twofold: have an immediate impact, and equip our clients for continued success.

Immediate Impact

During our engagement with a client, we employ the latest leak detection technology across the entire system to find leaks.  Many leaks we find are small and may otherwise go undetected.  We then repair these leaks, customizing the repair and replacement materials to match the client's needs.

Future Success

We not only focus on finding and fixing existing leaks, we also provide our clients with new tools and capabilities to more quickly identify and resolve future leaks.

  • New reporting: Using upgraded meters and Advanced Metering Infrastructure, we implement new reporting to identify increases in water loss, allowing our clients to quickly react to emerging trends
  • Zone creation: By segmenting the system into zones, we enable our clients to prioritize and focus on areas where water is being lost
  • New tools: We equip and train our clients with new tools and methods for leak detection, allowing them to pinpoint the leaks

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